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Just Wanted To Get This Out There Because I've Been Sorely Remiss

To Our Amazing Beta Team, who we occasionally put through the ringer, who manage to get a beta to us while on vacation, while without internet, while taking courses at college that keep her away, when the deadline is four hours away, when the deadline is four hours away and the fic is 7,000 words. There really are no words to describe how grateful we are to you for all of the things you do for us and we wish we were able to acknowledge that more often. If it were up to me, you three would get a new car and house every year. Hell, every six months, even. We love you for all that you do and all of the time to do things in your RL that you sacrifice. There really is nothing we can give you that can show our appreciation. And these words are just not enough. All I can say is that we love you in insane amounts and that none of this could have been done without you.

htbthomas , saavikam77 , and trekkie6 ,

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