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And In Lois World News...

it got down to 23 degrees here last night with a wind chill factor of 19. My toes were freezing and my idiot FIL didn't have the heater on high enough most of the night. Anissa, however, was mostly comfortable for the majority and just had to have the fan on for the noise.

Grrrr! Watch me get my own room when we get old just because I don't want to die of freezing to the bed some cold night when I'm eighty. I promise you, me and the polar bear will get the last laugh on that one. (The polar bear is a running in-joke between me and Anissa. Don't feel bad if you don't get it.)

And elliania? What do you think? I think the new banner will surprise a lot of people when it's posted, don't you think? Even if we still have to get started with it? ;)
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