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Oh, For Chris' Sake! About The Frikkin' SV Clana Thing...

Okay, I've seen one too many of these depressing posts, so it's time someone rallied the damn flag and raised her banner high.

I remain unconvinced that PS3 is quite that stupid. Especially considering the fact that Kristin is only there for a few more episodes. After all this time, why botch this up? Don't you realize that the kiss we saw pics of for 'Power' are the same ones from the promo for 'Bulletproof'? Also, remember that this is the last half of this season. And, not only that, even if there's two kisses, so what? They were together for years, so we're no strangers to momentary Zombie!Clana. We don't know what the reasoning is. We don't know what Clark feels about it afterward. They're going to create as much drama as possible to get people to tune in! Why go to all this trouble to set this up, only to crash it down. LANA IS GONE AFTER 'REQUIEM'! GONE!! And Lois is not. Everyone just breathe! Are we that damned jaded by the idiocy of AlMiles? *completely beats their ass for pushing her fellow Cloisers this far* Don't let yourselves be! This is a new team entirely.

We have no idea exactly what they're up to. And more than a few of the spoilers have been misleading this season. It usually has not turned out as bad as we expected. Do we want this season to disappoint us? Is that why we're all willing to jump to conclusions?

As to the fact that Erica isn't in more episodes, that was to be expected. The old contract is said to not end until next year, so of course she wouldn't get a full season. We saw early on that she was not in all of the first half of the season. Why would she be now all of a sudden? Just because she isn't on camera 24/7 doesn't mean she's not getting the love. She's had far more scenes and storylines than I've seen her have before. No, she doesn't have more episodes, but she's had much more airtime. We all knew that we were going to have to deal with Lana and I, personally, am thrilled that they didn't go the obvious route and have Lois front and center for this little arc. Both he and Lana still have baggage and they have to figure it out. Would we prefer to have Lois forced to watch this and get her heart shattered to bits? No, I didn't think so. I'd rather have her off somewhere and only come home once he's gotten his head together. PERIOD. She's been through enough without the boy not knowing what he wants. That would be far worse.

And, though I love the L&C contingent on my F-List, this isn't that show. It's not all about the overly-cute romantic comedy Clois. It likely isn't going to happen. This is the story of Clark growing into who he's supposed to be. Hell, we weren't even really supposed to have had Lois all this time, were we? *raises eyebrow and looks at all of you*

Also, we have no ideas for what exactly they have planned for the very end of the season. We're not even sure that there will be a next season. SO WHY are we freaking out over stuff we don't know? Seriously? Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe they'll be picked up for next year? Or maybe they already know they will be and are planning accordingly. I never expected them to be the Clark and Lois we love at the end of this season unless they were ending the show. I think they'll have their feet in the EPIC door, but they'd never go that far yet unless they expect to end it. Remember what happened to L&C when they finally hooked up? Everyone stopped watching. Just chill. They know we Clois fans are out here and they know that we're endgame. The Chlark? Over, even if she doesn't get back with Jimmy. The Clana? If it does come back, it's only for three more episodes. Srsly. And we don't even know what the ending for Lana will be. But we do know that it won't be the two of them together. Kristin is not coming back to the show. Period. CLOIS is endgame. That's canon in any media 'verse. There is always Clois, even if either one dies and the other moves on.

*sighs and shakes head* Come on, guys, don't let all of this get to you! Remember all the fuss that was made over the rumors about Man of Steel? And Superman Returns, when it was still in production? Let it go. We'll never know what they're up to until right before. And do you really think Erica would be this excited over this season if she didn't know what was up? Honestly. Me? I'm going to enjoy the ride and be glad when we get back to Clois business when Erica gets back. :D Seriously, let's wait and see before we get the pitchforks and torches. Why would they make us believe only to slash our throats? And trust me, if it turns out that the rumors are right, I'll be right up front with the rest of you. As it is, I'll wait.
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