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As Lois Has Her Own Moment of Squee

I'm terrified to jinx this yet again. *takes deep breath*

Okay, so, I just asked for February 27-28 and March the 1st off to go to Orlando. I haven't gotten the approval back yet, but the woman who does our scheduling has already told me that she plans to give it to me.

I'm going to attempt to get to see Margot again. And this time I took the whole weekend off, so we can go at least two of those days. I'm hoping that we'll be able to stay in a hotel in there so we can see her and do our LUSH shopping (I'm out of EVERYTHING).

Tempted to go on a bread and water diet to drop some weight and TOTALLY buying new clothes for the occasion. Have to have my hair done. No way I'm going to let her see me looking frumpy. OMG! There's so much to do before the end of next month!

*pretends that she's not in a panic* Someone please tell me that I won't make an idiot of myself and she won't think I'm a nutcase. *rolls eyes at self* I can see it now: I'll probably just stand there and cry like the ninny I am. 

Seriously. I'm nervous and excited all in one. And I have more than a month before I see her. I'll probably lose the weight through stress. *LOL*

In saner news, YAY for Crack!ville tonight, although I won't see it until I come home from work! Still no Lois (and none until March, damn you, converters!), but what I've seen looks amazing! Although I must admit that the whole "Lana, you have one of the reasons that Kal-El fulfills his destiny" thing just makes me want to shoot someone. :P Yeah, go ahead. Kiss the Clana fans' behinds one last time. She'll be gone soon. I can't wait to see the rest of the season!
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