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Mi Vida Loca (To Gack At Title from quirky_circe, A 'State of the Lois' Post)

Wow, what a handful this last week has been. If anyone's noticed the scatter-shot posts lately, I just decided for a bit that the old adage is true: If you can't post something nice, don't post anything at all. Things at work are utter schitzo lately: starting to get better one day, absolutely intolerable the next. And the mess with the economy has everyone's ugly right out in front. I can't tell you how many times I've been knocked into or nearly run over without the other person saying 'excuse me'. Nothing makes anyone happy. Then again, I have to confess that there are days that I want to just want to hurl one of the bottles of Hemp Shampoo through someone's skull for their behavior. I can only hiope with all my might that it will get better. Mr. Obama, please hurry and get in there. We in the retail business need some good news. What I wouldn't give for smiling and pleasant customers again. Or for the love I always had for my job to return.

In other news, I have to gave my utmost love to kabuki_party  for her book recommendation. Mom and Dad gave me a $25 giftcard for Barnes and Noble, with which I supposed to get a hardcover copy of either Stephen King's Carrie or Bag of Bones. As fate would have it, when Anissa agree to buy a box of barely used King books from someone on FreeCycle, there are a perfectly-pristine copy of Bag of Bones in the box, not to mention Rose Madder (another favorite) and Desperation (yet another). So, long story short, I found myself on B&N's website after an awful night at work and desperate for something to cheer me up. Glancing around, I remember a comment K left in my LJ a few weeks ago and looked it up. And bought it on sight. The book? Lois Lane's Guide to Life. Worth every cent of the $10. Any fan of Lois should grab this up. I laughed my head off the whole time I was reading.

And seeing as how I had yet to get a calender that I liked (no Superman ones on the market this year and I never got a chance to make my own from my graphics collection (yes, Kat and Laurel, I was intending to use your graphics to do it), so I ordered the Smallville 2009 with my Lo's Guide to Life. It's updated and all, but would someone tell me why, after the fact that Lana has been officially gone for a while, there are two pics of Kreuk in the thing? And pics that are at least a season old? And why that's one more pic than Erica has? WB, you got some 'splainin' to do! *glares at them*

I've also made the decision that I'm going to do both the 100 Books in a Year and the 100 Films in a Year challenges this year. Neither should be incredibly hard for me since I'm a voracious devourer of both pasttimes. The biggest problem is going to be remembering to write them up. I go through books at such a rapid pace, it's ridiculous. Although, bistyboo1974 , how did you get that meter you use? Can you show me how it works? *pleading eyes*

And I'm absolutely giddy right now as Heirs picks up the pace. Anissa and I have plans firmly in hand and I thiunk we've narrowed down most of the plot notes we've had throughout the planning process. We have a pretty clear-cut setup from here on out. I'm so excited to see this unfold. :D At this point, I've decided not to drive myself crazy over lacks of reviews or anything like this. I'm going to post on the usual schedule and ifr I get a review here at LJ, I get a review. It hasn't slowed at FF.net, so it's not like I don't have readers. There are days that I wish I had a hit count of the chapters over here, though. I wonder how many people are reading that I never see. But no one has to worry about my panicking now. I'm over that. :D

I also need to post pics of the gorgeous presents that januaried  made and sent Anissa and I for Christmas. Our camera is being a pest right now (seems like this happens any time we have something we want to take pics of to show you guys!), but I'll get those up soon! It's been years since anyone has made my a Christmas gift and I adore her for all the time and effort that went into both presents. I've already worn my present twice and the whole family was totally in awe. Laurel, I love you like WOAH and DAYUM for these! *tacklesnuggles*

And let me send belated love to saavikam77  for the post in dcu_fandomguide  for reeveverse . Renovation plans continue and hopefully the both of us will be able to start bringing new content very shortly. Love you for the shoutout, love! And my dear repmetsyrrah  has started up a Jimmy Olsen community, supermans_pal . For the fans of our favorite photographer, go and give her some love. Jimmy really does need more opportunities to shine!

Okay, I think that's it for the moment. I think. *LOL* Have a good day, all!

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