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Now if I could just drag everyone else back in here. *LOL* 

Let me apologize now for all of the whining and everything going on here in my LJ. Things have been stressful of late and I seem to have not been handling it well. Also, I know that a handful of you are restless and wondering when the speed is going to pick up on Heirs. I also know that that's part of the reason reviews have fallen well off. Trust me, we're up to something. Anyone who read LS knows that we do this sort of slow build. And Anissa made a really good post explaining it all. This isn't going to be all fluff, guys. You know better. ;) 

If I promise to be a good girl and see if I can get us back up to weekly schedule, will the readers promise to read again? I really think the drop-off was about the holiday, but you know Little Miss Perfectionist. I'm a dork and every last one of you know it. *rolls eyes at self* 

I also talked to januaried this afternoon and we're going to get the ball rolling again at reeveverse. It may take some time, but I'm going to see what I can do to get the fandom rolling again. New Year, new set of resolutions. It's time to get my shit in gear and out of this space I've found myself in. I'm the Reeveverse's biggest fan and I have a duty to keep us updated.

Yeah, it's like that. *LOL*

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