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What A Day...

Last post deleted because I guess I sounded like a jerk. It wasn't meant to sound that way, but I guess it came out that way. Apologies to a certain someone who thought I was being nasty. I was joking; I guess the cold is warping my voice.

Not going to talk about the job again until I've had a few drinks. Things are just too frustrating there.

I'll be thrilled when januaried  comes home. I'll be glad when everyone gets home. I think I'm going to find some time to update Reeveverse. It's been horribly neglected lately and I'm the co-MOD. Busy as I am, I need to take the time to update it, even if the fandom is starting to die off here at LJ. It's still pretty busy on FF.net, so I owe it to our readers to get that pot boiling again.

We have half the betas in for the New Years fic, entitled Before The Clock Strikes Twelve, so we'll post when we get the final ones in. Heirs will be out on time this Saturday. I swear, if I didn't have my fic right now, I'd go crazy. *gratefully snuggles her extended cast*

Here's hoping that this year is leaps and bounds over last year. It has to get better; it just has to.

Okay, this sounds hopelessly depressing. *hugs her F-List* I promise I'll be better tomorrow.

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