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The Fic, It Is Up!

Today is going to be just crackers. Serious crackers, srsly. I have a ton of stuff I need to be doing, the least of which is ordering tonight's dinner from Casbah. Thank goodness I did all of my wrapping in the last few days and shopping's been done for a while now. *sighs with relief*

Buuuut I did post Snapshots: All I Want For Christmas! Sooo happy with it. You guys will have to tell me if it was decent or not. I totally have to thank januariedfor the totally gorgeous photo of Lois. It's not the exact photo of her that Kal-El carried off with him to Krypton and now has on his bedside table (although you'll see how that one happened), but it gives you a good idea what she looked like that night.


And if I don't get back here before tomorrow night, MERRY CHRISTMAS, F-LIST! I love each and every one of you and wish you the best Christmas memories ever! Enjoy this time with the ones you love! (Except for my poor beloved bistyboo1974. Caroline, I suggest you remove all sharp, large, and blunt objects from the house. *hands you a bottle of Stoli* And I'll kick their butts if they get to be too much. Text us if you need to. *kicks your crazy-crackers relatives*)
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