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HEY, YOU! elliania! GET IN HERE!



*LOL* Love you!

To that, we have the addresses and the first ones have been sent out. winddancer55945 and ladymackenzie got in just in time, but those may not get there in time for Christmas. We would have put up more than two posts (the phone post a few days ago and yesterday's post), but we didn't know for sure that we would be able to send them out. Dawn and Mac's (and Kat's, if she sees this soon enough) will go out tonight since I still need the chance to add my messages to yours (Anissa got first crack).

In other news, progress on the chapter goes swimmingly and the beta team will have it by tomorrow night. At the latest. Period. I certainly hope that it'll be worth the wait. Also, the 12 Days fic will be posted either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Beta team, we plan to have it to you no later that Sunday. We want you to have enough time to do your holiday business and not have to worry about the deadline. *snuggles*

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