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Okay, so, my entire week has derailed due to userpics. Srsly. I've been spending over an hour every day loading the userpics and I'm still choosing. Yes, choosing! I'm not even going to get all of them up! I've discovered that I have a lot more icons than I thought! *dies again*

Sooo...this means that we won't be back on schedule for Heirs this week. So, we'll still be on the two-week schedule, but we're going to have to eat that one week we were behind. :( Next weekend, all. Promise. And it also means that the Christmas fic might just go up on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I hope no one minds. :(

But we will get them out! Promise.

The funniest part? I'm only up to loading 103 icons so far and just now start loading the LS ones! *ROTFLMAO* And yes, a good amount of these Superman fandom icons you've never seen because I never had the space! And I still need to go over a gack a few from Laurel that I can't find that I know I saved.

I promise, I'll get back to comments tonight when I get home. I haven't forgotten and I adore each and every one of the Secret Keepers on the Birthday Project of Secret Secrecy. It really was the most amazing present and it mean all the more because so many of you cared. I could never ask for more than that. *loves her F-List like WOAH and DAYUUM*
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