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The Great Tree Trek Has Finished...

...and it ends with the two of us and our freshly-cut 6" cedar Christmas tree. Nothing quite as eventful as the yearly Lane-Kent-Troupe-White Tree Hunt Of DOOM, but we did wander around the tree farm for an hour, trying to make up our mind. Wasn't cold enough for cider this year while we looked, but at least it was a little cool and overcast. I wish we had the choices for more kinds of trees like those of you up North; we went back and forth over whether we should get a sand pine again this year or maybe a Spruce (which they wound up not having), but then I spotted a Cedar I liked. It's so little and cute.

We also saw several of what Anissa and I call 'Jason trees'. You know, the little sad and sparse trees? The ones you know aren't going to get any bigger? And that made both of us smile. You'll see why we call them 'Jason trees' in a few chapters, since Christmas is coming up soon in Heirs.

Pics of Anissa, the tree, and the saw she used to cut it coming up shortly. *LOL*
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