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Another Fic Goes Up In The Midst Of Vacation Insanity


New fic posted at 12 Days! :D

You can find it here. And yes, I just messed with your head with the marquee because I can! :D

Vacation insanity ensues in that we both still have two more work days (counting today), dry-cleaning that needs to be done before Saturday night, laundry to do to ensure that we have enough heavy clothes (snow is predicted while we're up there), and all of our packing. And I get paid tonight, although shopping will wait until tomorrow night, as I have to get home to see Crackville and our beloved Bride.

But...FTW? We're six pages into the Party chapter in Heirs, with plenty more awesome to write. And we'll be working on it up in the mountains? :D Not to mention that the time-honored Clois scene has been started already, as always on vacation. It'll likely be six months before you guys see it, but it'll be worth the wait if the Muse is any judge. ;)

And I was going to do the Wish List meme, but I don't feel as though I should. You guys have spoiled me rotten this year and the two things I want are stuff that I may get eventually, anyway. So my wish is that everyone fulfill at least one wish on the wish lists of the rest of the family. And I'm going to do my best to do it as well!

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