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How is it possible to be freezing and happy about it? *LOL* I'm sitting here in a camisole, long-sleeved button-up, heavy jeans, and a leather jacket and I'm still cold. Then again, I'm also on here creating evil with Anissa and januaried , so is it any wonder?. I'm going to turn on the heater as soon as the FIL goes to bed. :P

And a meme gacked from autumnrae , just because.

WEARING: Black boot-cut dress jeans, boots, burgundy Norma Kamali button-up, black camisole, and leather jacket. And  I'm still cold!
ATE TODAY: coffee, coffee, small bag of pretzels, Mountain Dew, turkey sandwich, Italian Vegetable soup, Kosher Dill chips, and a Chex Mix bar. Oh, and Goji Berry-Pom tea. 
THING LAST SAID: "Anissa, do you want this tea? Before I drink it?" 
LAST PHONE CALL: Daddy this afternoon, to see how their trip to Gatlinburg, TN turned out. 
LAST TEXT: received: No cellie, no texts. 
LAST THING BOUGHT: Kosher Dill chips at lunch and a Mountain Dew.
LISTENING TO: Modern Music's cover of Sixteen Going On Seventeen. 
LAST SHOWERED: Last night (or this morning) around 3 AM. Desperately need to take one soon. 
I NEED TO: Shower before I go mad. That and look back over this SIV caps for more evil to spring upon the world... 
WORST PART OF THE DAY: One too many snobby and cheap (yes, that's possible) customers looking down their nose at me because we can't have all 11,000 items that are on our website in store. I mean, the nerve of us! *rolls eyes* 
BEST PART OF THE DAY: Now at home talking plot and icon evil with two of my best girls.
DID/DOING TODAY: Worked. Blech. And now cooing over some completely beautiful Heirs icons that will be coming to you soon. I'm not sure which ones I love the best. I'll have to post them soon.

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