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Attempting To Make Sense Of The SV 'Shipping Wars

*beats head against the wall*

So, it seems that it's begun again. How nice. We can't just have a sane and interesting season with good writers. Oh no, not in this fandom. We have to be right up there with HP and Twilight with the wank. *disgusted sigh* And somehow we've managed to forget seven and a half years of canon along the way. This show has been Clark's journey in more ways than one and that shows in his dating history. And the reason he winds up with the woman he's always ended up with. And the reasoning for this choice has been shown over and over again.

Let me state that not all of the Clois fans hate Chloe. I, personally, love Chloe and always have. She may not be canon (and you know I loves me some canon), but she's been a strong and important character in SV. She has a reason to be there and justifies it every time she's onscreen. There's not reason not to love her, especially since she and Lois are cousins and best friends. It's not Chloe's fault that she and Clark have a past and it's not Lois' fault that they have a canon future. There's no reason for both 'ships to fight. At this point in SV history, both are fanon pairings. If you're not a fan of the Chimmy pairing, there's no point in turning on the Clois fans or any other. And the Clois fans ought to know better. Come on, guys, we're better than that. Really. Let's all be grown-ups and stop acting like teenagers. *disappointed look* Does anyone see me writing ranty posts because I'm an H/Hr fan and there's likely going to be extremely obvious H/G and R/Hr in the next three films? No. And I won't. And this is just the same.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's take a look back at what the past has shown us. In the eight season that this show has been on, there's been several points made on Clark and the girls' relationships.

I know this might shock a few people, but I actually liked Clark with Lana back in the day. I was glad that she was getting a chance to be with him, even if they switched the canon and gave her the advantage of being the one he liked. I held on to that until the second breakup. Then I decided enough was enough. It's clearly not destiny with these two. Even if Lois didn't exist, I wouldn't want them as an OTP. We've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clark doesn't need to be with Lana (vice versa) because they're so toxic for each other. Clark wants her to be that perfect angel he used to think she was, blind to her flaws, and Clark's expectations are too much for Lana. Note the fact that they've never stayed together without issues for any significant period of time. It ends either because he's being too possessive and Lana cheats to get relief from it or the frustration gets too high for both parties. And how many times have they done this dance? It's kinder to just stop and try to remember the good memories. Which I'm not sure they did soon enough. There's just too much pain to be had there.

Then there was Chloe. Chloe, the constant picker-up-of-pieces. Chloe, the secret-keeper. Chloe, who has never hidden that she loves Clark. Chloe got the thankless job in this of being part Lois (ace reporter and utterly in love with the Superman-to-be) and part comics Lana (the best friend who's madly in love with him, but is all too aware of the fact that he doesn't feel the same way). Chloe, whom I would have been fine with him having a relationship with, but he ruined that all on his own. She doesn't need to be with him because we've all see how aware he's been of the feelings. We've all also seen the way that he occasionally takes advantage of it. Anyone remember the hell that he put her through with Lana? Anyone remember how many times we saw her cry because she thought that it would go somewhere and then he ran back to Lana? I can't bear to watch it. That's the whole reason I don't approve of that ship these days. I've been there before and it's not a happy or secure place to be. At all. I'd sooner see her single. She'll never be a hundred percent certain of his feelings, not after all of this Lana mess.

Lois is the only one who's managed to stay just out of reach and call him on being a butthead. And I think that she's proven that she can handle the situations that life with him will bring. And she's also had a thing for him for quite some time, but also knows that her cousin cares for him. Did you ever see her throw herself at him at all when she wasn't under a spell or hopped up on Red K? She's the only logical choice.

None of this is to say that I don't like Chloe or Lana...well, I have my own reasons to dislike Smallville's Lana. But I think that we've arrived at the unbiased reasoning for my choice of Lois in SV. 'Ship what you want is my point. I have valid reasonings for why I don't ship the other two with him.
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