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A Little Sneak Peek At 'A Trip Down Memory 'Lane'...

How's this for livening up your Wednesday? A little platonic Richois, anyone? ;)

At the sound of that particular voice, Lois smirked before whipping around with dramatic disapproval. “Oh my God, I can’t believe they still let you in here. Now Lana, I completely understand. She’s a shareholder and makes a good impression. But you? The male model?” Crossing her arms, she looked him critically up and down with one dark brow ticked up as she frowned at him. “I guess they have to. I mean, you’re family to several employees and married to an investor. What is the world coming to?”

“It’s so cute when you try not to admit how much you love me,” Richard replied, grinning at her. “Face it, you pine when I’m not around. Who else is such a perfect foil for your sarcastic profanity, hmm?” When that only got him a raised-eyebrow look, he added, “And my sexy jeans-modeling abs are pretty tempting, too.”

Could you imagine them like this in Little Secrets? *snicker* I so love them together now.
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