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09 November 2008 @ 11:28 pm
Okay, So This Story's Going To Be Top-Heavy...  
Well, the next chapter of Heirs went to beta last night and she's a big one. A Trip Down Memory 'Lane'  topped out at  8,141 words and sixteen pages. We actually figured for a smaller one, but we couldn't get everything we wanted in a short chapter.

*sigh* So much for shorter chaps this time around, huh? We might just have another epic on our hands, which I'm not sure just how to feel about. So tell me, those who are reading, does anyone mind? We could make the chapters smaller, but you'd lose out on the details. Tell me what you think, O Brilliant Readership. I crave your opinion. ;)
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Lois: Heirs :: Clois :: Christmaskalalanekent on November 11th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
As the same kind of reader, I would agree. I think my biggest worry was that we might bore some of the audience with an overabundance of detail. You know us; we loooove for you guys to be able to see the details of the events perfectly as they happen. But that puts some people off, especially when the word count soars. I love that that doesn't seem to daunt our readership at all, from the sounds of the replies we got.

In that case, we'll keep leaving the Muse off the leash, then. Seems that everyone (including us) is happier that way.

*hugs* Thanks, Laure!