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Wow, That Was One Hell Of A Weekend...

God bless riznyand her perfect timing. Tired and pouty and I get gorgeous icons on coming home. And this while she's supposed to be doing her homework. *tacklesnuggles* Now get back to work, woman! No blowing an assignment for me and wallpapers! *poke* I need a nagging icon. *realizes what she just said and throws her hand over her mouth* Ignore that, Laurel. *sheepish smile*

Well, there have been several plot points of Heirs that have been discovered over the weekend while we took a trip down to Gainesville to pick up a bike rack that Anissa found. One of which involves Jason and a girl. ;) Yes, that's all I'm saying. And we made a few more decisions about Kala and... someone. Someone you'll meet in a bit. ;) Not that ideas aren't rampant about Mom and Dad. Annnnd there's a soundtrack for the opening storyline in the works, if anyone's interested. We're just getting started. :D

And I just need to send my grateful thanks to repmetsyrrahfor passing on my greetings to Margot at Armageddon 2008. *hugs* Grace, I really hope she doesn't think I'm psycho-stalker extraordinaire when I finally meet her. This is, what? Two or three times that she's gotten long-distant love from me. *hides face, blushing madly and giggling like a twit* I only hope that I can finally do it this year. And I'm so sad that you-know-who cancelled. I promise, if I do meet him, I'll pass the love on and get an autograph. Promise! *hugs you tight* You were an angel to pass that on for me!

And we're making the final choices on the upcoming vacation. *squees like a dork and gets giggly* OMFG, I'm so excited. I miss my mountains so bad... Just the thought that it's only a few weeks away turns me into an idiot every time. It also helps that temps are seriously dropped here. Finally. I'm actually a little chilly in what I'm wearing right now. And I'm thrilled to death about it. We lit a few candles last night and it was comfortable. Imagine that. ;)

Did I mention Anissa's home this week and we're both off Friday and Saturday for Halloween? :D I really want to gack the MIL's laptop Saturday while we're out and about. We've all seen how much we write when the Muse is willing and we're running around.

Love you, guys!
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