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Taking A Little Break...

So, due to a few things that have been going on with LJ, friends here and in RL, and work (also with the fact that most of us seem really busy with RL), I'm considering taking a short hiatus from LJ. No more than a week, but I realized how pissed-off and whiney I've been sounding lately and I don't like it. I'm fairly certain I've run off a few of you just from the negative attitude I've shown on and off lately.  And to that, I've decided to take my first real breather since I got here. Don't think that this is a plea for attention, though I'm worried that people will and I don't anyone annoyed with me. I just let myself care a little too much about certain things lately, which keep falling through, and I need to distance myself for a bit.

Rest assured, the next chapter of Heirs will be going up on time on Saturday and the writing will continue on. I'll likely post birthday announcements for the two important ones coming up. If you need me, just email me. I'm just not going to be posting nonsense. *hugs* elliania</lj> , yes, I still want those animation and I'll email you the screencaps.  

Love you, all. See you in a bit.

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