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14 October 2008 @ 01:11 am
My Reply To The BuddyTV 'Why I Love Lois' Forum Topic (Since It Won't Take)  

In short, do Smallville fans hate Erica's Lois Lane and is it due to her breaking up the other Clark/? 'ships on the show:


*snort* Secrets and lies! What on earth reason could you have to hate this character?

If it's due to the 'shipping, it's just laughable. No offense to the Clana and Chlarkers, but it's been made clear over and over again that neither relationship will work. The Clana is so hit-and-run that you feel sorry for them both because they just seem to ruin each other every time they're together for any extended period. They've tried this for years and it JUST DOESN"T WORK! I've been a life-long Clois fan, but I actually loved their relationship in the beginning. That said, you can only get together and break up so many times. It's time to move on.

As to the Chlark, it's not fair to Chloe, for the main reason that Clark has stated over and over that it's a friendship and that's all he wants from it. He's strung her along for years. I hate watching him break her heart. She deserves better than that.

Now, as to Lois herself, now that she's been pushed to the forefront of the series and has something to do, she's been amazing! Smallville has done such a complete turn around this season and Lois has been on par with all of the greater Loises. She's shown the iron and grit in the last four episodes that make Lois Lane who she is, as well as the hidden starry-eyed romantic she is underneath. Erica is finally getting her due, as are we the fans. Hate Lois? Never!


Plus, she's commented that she's inspired by the MK Lois Lane and she's Margot-approved! Who am I to argue with that?
(Deleted comment)
Lois: Heirs :: Lois Lana :: Sisterskalalanekent on October 14th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
I'm not even sure what to do about the Chlarkers. I understand how they feel about it, but it's just frustrating because I love Chloe, but it was made pretty obvious from the start that Clark wasn't going to fall for her. And she was meant to be the Lois of the show in the beginning, but it shot her in the foot, canon-wise. No one can be Lois but Lois. And then AlMiles made it worse for her in that Lois was introduced as Chloe's cousin! *winces from the burn* I could just throttle the two of them.