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Just A Little Update For The Heirs Crowd

*pulls her head up out of her writing for a few moments*

This week's offering, How Far We've Come, is set to go (with the exception of one beta! And I know we'll have it on time because this beta is the awesome. :D And yours is set, Mom!) with a final count of 5,638 and a little bit of family time. ;) I'm sure you guys are going to love this official first chapter. The fun, it begins!

And not only that, we already have 1,876 words on the next one. See what posting every two weeks does for you? ;) I really hope the opener didn't scare everyone off.

And in other writing news, guess what recent oneshot involving four lead characters has another installment that's currently at 160 words? *grins*

Now if this latest stupid cold and/or virus will leave me alone, I'll be just fine.

*goes back to writing*
Tags: heirs progress report

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