Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Okay, Guys, We Have A Decision To Make...

From Anissa's BT post:

I fear we may not be able to finish the chapter before I leave, since we're only at about 2,189 words right now. Question is, would you guys like an unbetaed partial at our normal time with the complete and betaed version to follow around Tuesday (depending on B's betaing schedule), or would you just like the whole thing when it's done?

That's my fault, not Kala's - I've been slacking on writing Clark, and since a major part of this chapter involves Clark and Lois in the same scene, it can only be completed if both of us work.

In my own defense, I can only say that my boss has been riding me like a broke-down mule all friggin' week. He'd better not say anything tomorrow - I personally metered over 7,000 pieces of mail (more than anyone else today), AND got his d*mn daily reports entered in the computer system in spite of people not doing them right, AND checked the FedEx, AND caught phone calls, AND ...

I'm ranting, excuse me. (sigh) Much better. I hate the fact that they expect me to be 2nd shift second in command AND the highest-production machine operator. Those are both full-time jobs, and d*mmit, they cut into my writing time!!!!

So...what shall we do?

Poll #909259 What Would You Rather Have This Week?

Due To Anissa Going Out of Town, Would You Rather I...

Put Up The Partial We Have, Unbetaed, Before She Leaves Friday, With The Rest To Follow Tuesday?
Wait Until Tuesday For The Entire Thing?
Just Leave A Teaser Until Tuesday?
Work Day And Night Until Friday To Finish?
Shoot Myself For Running Late (Which I Could Happily Do?
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