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5 Loves/Hates; Tagged By htbthomas (and yes, I mean it this time)

1) Post a list of five things you currently love/like and five things you currently hate/dislike.
2) They can be people, places, things, ideas, whatever.
3)Tag 5 people to do this.
Ummm...how 'bout no? Choose to do if you wish.

Things I love/like right now:
1) The fact that we finally finished Thanks for the Memories and Until the End! I was getting scared there for a moment!
2) Fall is finally starting to show its face and Anissa and I are loving it.
3) The fact that I have decided to not worry anymore about my vacation time. Brian said it's taken care of, so I'm leaving it at that and planning.
4) The fact that I've heard from both Abby and Laurel this week. And that rocks my socks. *snuggles her girls*
5) New manips. Just sayin'. *winks at rizny*

Things I hate/dislike:
1) Politics. Thank you, amen.
2) The fact that I just know my DVR is going to screw up and not record another episode of Smallville and I'm going to have to kick it across the lawn.
3) The once-a-month girly thing? Sucks. The only rotten part of being a girl. *makes face at it*
4) The Muse for having been fickle so long with TftM.
5) Brian being on vacation this week, leaving me with a sweet little old lady who makes me nuts and doesn't like ladders when we had serious freight this week. *headdesk

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