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When Darkness Turns To Light

As you all know, the stress at work lately has been eating at me with pretty sharp teeth. Eventhough I'm not comfortable with our 'new' boss, I finally broke down and talked to him the other day about why my time-off request came back to me with BLACKOUT DATE written on it with no other explanation. Usually, when Andy ran the store, we'd make the blackout dates for the season starting after Black Friday and then open up the first two weeks of December before starting the blackouts again. So the first few weeks in November were open and the first two weeks of December, right? Seems that we're 'supposed to' make it all of November and December. Which is just crazy. It doesn't help that my first vacation since February was set for the week before Black Friday and my birthday is in the second week of December. 

Well, it was a tough sell, and it was obvious that the boss didn't want me going, but Brian told him on no uncertain  terms that he could make it work between he and Janet. So what does this mean? 


My first day back at work will be Black Friday, which means that I'll be a great mood when I head in. Which is the best possible solution for me. That was why I wanted to take it when I am.

Things are finally starting to look up. Now if I could just manage to be two places at one time and finally get to see Margot when she goes to Hollywood, Florida early next month... *sigh* Someday. So help me God, someday.  

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