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A Little Request Of Sorts...

Can I persuade any of my wonderful friends with graphics abilities out there into helping with making a few icons for me from some pics I have of Tom and Rose? I'm going nuts not having very many new icons for the teenage twins and I'll provide the pics. I definitely need a few of Kal and Jason together, but I know manips are a pain in the ass. I had planned to work on them a bit more with Laurel, but she's been so busy lately that I don't want to bother her.

And lere8  , honey, is there any chance of you being able to get footage or caps from the earlier seasons? Elise has to be the light-haired version of Erica and I really need to use the younger ones of Tom, too. I have some of the caps, if that helps.

And elliania  , can I ask a slight manip favor from you other than this? It has to do with re-coloring something...

Love and Hugs for any help I can get. I feel awful asking for the help, but I really want to get this stuff updated.
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