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Drive-By Update From Half A Night Of Writing...

Okay, so we're hard at work this week trying to get ready for the next post for Heirs and for the closing date of the Clois 100, which means the closing out of In Another Lifetime and the second long-awaited (and we apologize for the Muse's fickleness) second entry to So Close. Currently, this is where we stand, for those interested.


Jason's Intro: complete at over 5,000 words (I don't have the final copy on this computer)

Chapter One: How Far We've Come: complete at over 5,000 and going to beta later this evening.

Chapter Two: already begun and currently around 2,000 words.

So Close

Thanks for the Memories: halfway complete with 4,156 words. Goes to beta later in the week.

In Another Lifetime

Until the End: halfway complete at 2,786 words. Goes to beta later in the week.

Okay, so there we are. Hopefully these totals will come up quite a bit before the end of the night. Wish us luck!
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