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27 Questions Meme

The rules:
1. There are 27 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits
3. Answer each question using only one name each.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. All of you guys, but most especially sean_montgomery . ;)
2. bistyboo1974
3. chickadilly
4. That would be you, Mom! htbthomas
5. coltdancer, but that would be the way it should be done. *hugs* So excited for you.
6. *Iz Moron loves her Iz Dork* My ever-adored sean_montgomery
7. I know several trying and they know who they are! *raises eyebrow, LOL*
8. repmetsyrrah, ellalou73
9. trekkie6. Thank goodness, you usually forget when I do this. :D
10. quirky_circe, mithah (I miss you, Michelle!)
11. You want me to just name one? One? WTF? Not with my F-List, no sir. Not happenin'!
12. brdwaybebe
13. I'd have to say htbthomas and saavikam77. You two! Wow!
14. Oooh, again, how can I narrow this down? I'm leaving it at The Family (you know who you are)!
15. firedrake_mor or babettew54. In a heartbeat. ;)
16. I'm honored to have brdwaybebe.
17. januaried, sean_montgomery
18. trekkie6. *hugs*
19. brdwaybebe (Christy, how do you keep getting on here? *LOL*)
20. You owe me, nmdrkangl! The last couple of pics looked very nomm-worthy!
21. *facepalm* No one. Because I suck.
22. OMFG, elliania !
23. winddancer55945, even if her profession doesn't prove it. *LOL, great big hugs* Who loves you, baby?
24. Let's see: quirky_circe, maaike_fluffy, elliania, the list goes on...
25. elliania, who owns my soul, but takes good care of it! ;)
26. alamo_girl80. Girl, I do so love you!
27. januaried. On any given day. *salaams* We are not worthy!
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