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Since We Have So Much Going On, Spoilers Were In Order

Anyone have any objections? *listens to the crickets* I thought not. *grins*

Title: In Another Lifetime: It Ends Tonight
Word Count: 7,363
Status: Finished and betaed; To be posted on Saturday

Zod never glanced around, but Ursa had looked back with a sneer. “It appears this Superman could have chosen better,” she remarked venomously. “His pet human fails to impress me.”

Lois felt her lip curl, and only the yawning drop beneath them kept her from launching herself at Ursa. Just you wait, she thought. You’ll get yours, you bitch.

Title: Pre-Heirs Waffy Fic (currently untitled)
Word Count: 1,231
Status: Very nearly finished with one scene to go.

The teenager stretched gingerly, cautious of the warm lump cuddled up to her back, and turned on the bedside lamp. “C’mon, Kristin,” Kala said, rolling over to shake her little sister’s shoulder. Only the six-year-old girl’s red hair was visible at the moment. She had acquired Kala’s habit of sleeping buried in the covers, probably on vacations like this one when the two girls shared a room.

Title: In Another Lifetime: Carry (title to change before posting)
Word Count: 5,438
Status: Final adjustments being made; goes to beta this weekend.

“White,” Richard said, avoiding the view of her cleavage with considerable effort and meeting her eyes instead. “Richard White. I really admired your series on the Metropolis Strangler – a lot of journalists wouldn’t have the guts to interview the guy in prison after they caught him.”

“I’m not a lot of journalists,” Lois replied, offering her hand. “Perry’s nephew, the flyboy, right?”

Title: So Close: Thanks for the Memories
Word Count: 2,646
Status: Several sections written, several more to go; will be the next-to-last fic posted for the Clois 100, if not the last. The Muses were fickle with this one.

I like a lot about her, in fact, including the way her hips move in that slinky silver dress. She turned and glanced at me, catching me hanging back a half-stride to admire the view, and she smirked before sighing and rolling her eyes. “You’re lovely,” I told her, moving up to rest my hand at the small of her back.

“I’m sure I’m the first woman who’s ever heard you say that,” she replied drolly, the corner of her mouth quirked up, and I grinned. Lois doesn’t want to play all those stupid little mind games, either. She’s not in this for love, and neither am I. We both know what we want and what we are to each other.

And what are we? Leftovers, essentially. We’ve both got someone else who loved us and left us. I don’t imagine she’s any more used to that feeling than I am. I’m more accustomed to leaving than being left.

Title: Heirs to the House of El: Kala Josephine Lane-Kent
Word Count: 5,019
Status: First intro of Heirs

Cold, so cold, icy water soaking through clothes to skin, salt stinging eyes, panic: no air. Just water, cold seawater, holding breath and kicking hard, hands bound, shoes heavy. Trapped, doomed, freezing – dying. Dying, lungs burning, darkness descending, and the water conducting one sound hellishly clear: Luthor’s laughter

I sat bolt upright in bed, gasping for air, my skin clammy with sweat, and I panted in terror until reality asserted itself: I was almost sixteen, not six and helpless; this was my familiar bedroom, not the cold Atlantic Ocean; and I had been dreaming, not drowning. For the millionth time, I cursed Luthor; even ten years later, the nightmares were still just as intense. Some part of me would always be that little girl, heroic enough to attack a madman to protect her father, but too weak to stop herself from being flung off a kryptonite island and into the merciless ocean.

Title: Heirs to the House of El: Jason Garen Lane Kent
Word Count: 5,161
Status: Second intro of Heirs

I’m not afraid of drowning or falling or anything like that. No, I dream about Dad flying me down to rescue her. And in my nightmares, her hand slips through mine. I try to hold on as hard as I can, letting go of Dad’s neck to grab with my other hand, but she still slides away. I can’t hold her, and I have to watch her fall, have to see the look of shock and betrayal in her eyes. I try to scream for her, but no sound comes out of my mouth, and Dad flies upward, dazed by the kryptonite, not even knowing that Kala has slipped from our grasp.

Her worst nightmare is dying. Mine is seeing her die, being helpless to save her. Analyze that, Dr. Marrin.

Title: Heirs to the House of El: How Far We've Come(Chapter One)
Word Count: 1,286
Status: First chapter of Heirs

A hand seemed to shoot out of nowhere and ruffle his hair. “Morning, Dopey,” Kala said cheerily, leaning up against the wall as Jason flinched away, trying to smooth his hair.

“Knock it off,” he muttered, glaring cross-eyed at the one stubborn curl that had fallen down onto his forehead. “Stop messing with my hair, Kal! Isn’t it like a Goth law that you can’t be up and perky at this hour?”

How's that for perking up your day? *blows kisses* Love you all!
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