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08 September 2008 @ 08:39 pm
Now I Can Happily Unveil The Layout...  

So, what do you guys think of the official kick-off layout for Heirs? Isn't she beautiful? elliania , m'love, you've proven yet again how you are a visual goddess in the flesh! *tacklehugs and twirls you*

kalalanekent  kalalanekent  (why do you do this this way, anyhow? *is puzzled*)

And anyone recognize the munchkin in that banner? *grins and hugs her Kristin*

*goes back to working on the waffy fic we have as a before-Heirs snack*

On the Verge of: lovedloved
sean_montgomery: Superman - Clark admiresean_montgomery on September 9th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
WOW! This looks awesome, Twin! *admires*
Lois: Lois + Abby :: Twinkalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:01 am (UTC)
Isn't it? I was so insanely excited to see what Kat had done that I've been bugging her forever! It's so completely gorgeous that I may keep it for a year or so and just change banners.

*hugs you desperately tight and covers you in kisses* Thanks for commenting, Twin! I miss you!
(Deleted comment)
Lois: LS :: Baby Kala :: Like Flyingkalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:04 am (UTC)
OMG, isn't it? I've been so madly in love with the last two layouts. For infinite gorgeousness, I would be hard-put to choose between this and the wedding layout. And I finally have a banner of the whole immediate family! I'm thrilled to death to have baby Kristin here. It'll be nice to finally have stories that can actively have her in it. We had to fake out two stories in the last year to pretend she didn't exist yet.

Barbara: Oo Shiny Leia SWhtbthomas on September 9th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
OO, nice!
Lois: Heirs :: Lana :: Smilekalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
I'm so thrilled to have the whole family up there! And the Richana and their baby, as well. I really hope you guys end up loving Kristin as much as we do.
saavikam77: Kermitsaavikam77 on September 9th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
WOW!!!!! O_O This is awesome, hon! :D Totally love it!
Lois: Heirs :: Lana :: Thank Youkalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:07 am (UTC)
Isn't Kat awesome?! You should have seen my face when I saw the banner! I actually screamed! Am I a dork or what? I've been wanting to have a banner like this for so long! Just looking at this guy makes me grin like an idiot.
✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: sr; having to wear a maskelliania on September 9th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
kalalanekent kalalanekent (why do you do this this way, anyhow? *is puzzled*)

OMGLOL!! You're so cute! XD

I'm glad you like it, honey! Now I have a secret to tell you! I don't know if you use firefox or internet explorer (firefox FTW!) but I forgot something into the codes, and on firefox, when you highlight the text, it is RED!!!! :D Quite nice, actually!

Lois: Lois :: Facepalmkalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:10 am (UTC)
Well! *pouts* We both know that I'm a total novice on this stuff! *LOL*

I don't have firefox, but that's awesome! So it looks cool no matter what! *squees like a dork*

*smooches and snuggles*

You are so amazing, Kat!

✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: sr; lois laneelliania on September 13th, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
Honey, you'll have to credit "snubbly" for the layout. Just go to your profile code and find css codes and change the www in www.livejournal.com by snubbly. Thanks!
You can also change the title of the header... it's no longer LS.
Lois: Lois :: Laughterkalalanekent on September 13th, 2008 06:38 pm (UTC)
I was going to ask you who made it before not and just didn't get a chance. :D Good thing I have you to keep an eye on me, huh? *hugs*
Lois: Lois :: Stresskalalanekent on September 13th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
Ummmm...Kat? I think it's already like that. And this is before I missed with anything:

S2 FLEXIBLE SQUARES [ http://snubbly.livejournal.com ]
lere8: SI_Clois_alleylere8 on September 9th, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)
It's really cool, guys! I love the family together and also the black and grey background. Well, my own layout is almost all black so I sure like it *LOL*.

Great Job, Elliana! I hope it can inspire our girls eve more :)
Lois: Heirs :: Kala :: Her Goth Majestykalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:13 am (UTC)
*high-fives* See, Kat! I'm not the only one with a black layout! *HEE!*

I had to have this one. Had to! Kat did a Twilight design for hers, but the setup was irresistable! There is so much you can do with it!

Oh, and it was already! I'm just so in love with this one!
ellalou73 on September 9th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
I love the new layout. elliania did an awesomeness job as usual And I love Richard and Lana, and I guess their kid? That little girl who is she? She looks familiar I think the little girl who played in an indi called Evelyn and she's also been in a few other things if thats who I'm thinking of.

Edited at 2008-09-09 03:00 am (UTC)
✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrineelliania on September 9th, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)
Yes, that's the little one who played Evelyn! You're good, Shelby! :)
Lois: LS :: Richana :: Dancekalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
Isn't it just glorious? I'm SOOOO bragging on her right now. Just insanely awesome.

And yep, that's little baby Kristin Annette that Lana was pregnant with in The Most Things Change. And you're right. That's Sophie Vavasseur from both Evelyn and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. (Don't ask me why my best choices for little girls come from horror films. I don't understand it myself. And Kat was actually the one to choose her of my two original choices. :))

Isn't she precious?
ColtDancercoltdancer on September 9th, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
'Tis most amazing work! Beautifully done - the talent and time involved is baffling. Definitely the work of a visual goddess, I agree.
Lois: Superman Lois :: Lovekalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
Trust me, I'm absolutely spoiled in that Kat has always agreed to make my layouts (ever since my original Edgar Allen Poe one. *LOL* Remember that one, guys? *snicker*) and there's never been a single one that's not gorgeous. I have the codes for all of them even now. :)

Spoiled. Spoiled rotten, I tell you!

And I love every minute of it. *grins like Kala and Jason on sugar*
clarks_girlclarks_girl on September 9th, 2008 11:45 am (UTC)
Oh I just love the new layout. Stunning :-)
Lois: Heirs :: Lois Kala :: Legacykalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:27 am (UTC)
I do, too! What can you say when your layout inspires your work every time you look at it? Kat is so absolutely brilliant at this!

Obsessed fangirl: Lois and Clark - STM - Clark up closebabettew54 on September 9th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
Aww, don't you want to just kiss the computer screen!? It's beautiful! Love it!! Look at my babies!!??!! :D:D
Lois: LS :: Richois :: Familykalalanekent on September 10th, 2008 08:30 am (UTC)
God knows I do. I've gotten teary-eyed more than once just looking at it. That banner is so much love, it hurts.

And your babies are such a mess. Just writing up the two prologues and the first chapter have been the beginning of a new adventure for us, trust me. Even if Kala is a grumpy little teenager right now. *snuggles her and ignores the glaring Lane eyes*
januaried: FIREFLY > concept > familyjanuaried on September 17th, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
Argh, LJ ate my comment. At any rate, this is pure awesomeness. *applauds teh Katness* XDDD
Lois: Heirs :: Twins :: Dopey and Elvirakalalanekent on September 18th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
Isn't it? *happily squees her little heart out* I just grin stupidly every single time I look at it. And the Katness, she definitely is the awesome! *tacklehugs her Kat*