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A Corporate Visit On My Day Off Is Not An Emergency For Me

So before I run off to make myself look like the OMFGBESTEMPLOYEEEVARFORGETTINGITALLDONEINONENIGHT, I'm proud to say that we've gotten the opening prologues of Heirs to final polish and the first chapter is already at 886 words. As well, we're at 1,536 with Thanks for the Memories (and I can hear clarks_girl squeeing from here). We're slow to start on it, but I get the feeling that we'll be moving forward on this guy quickly over the weekend since the Muse is alive and raring for it.

Expect to see lots of fic in the next six weeks, all.

Oh, and one more thing? Why is LJ so dead this last week? Random.

Have a great day all. bistyboo1974 , I'm hoping deperately that Hanna will leave you the hell alone! *hugs her Big Sister*
Tags: heirs to the house of el, oneshot progress updates

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