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Teensy-Weensy Spoilers for Heirs to the House of El

This is Anissa posting. I'm just too damn excited not to post. And I've bribed Lois with tiramisu and ginger cookies and blueberry cheesecake muffins* until she agreed to let me do this. We've added maybe 5,000 words total to the Heirs stuff this weekend, so you'll be getting a word count and a tiny spoiler on each thing.

Character Notes: 6,576 words. This is for our reference and would not in the normal course of events be seen by readers, but here's a snippet anyway.

Clark Joseph Kent/Kal-El/Superman
As in Little Secrets. Ten years have not changed Clark very much. He is more secure in his roles of husband, father, and member of an extended family. Also, Clark is more comfortable as the International Editor of the Daily Planet and his authority at work is no longer challenged. Still a nerd, but a competent and well-respected nerd. As a hero, he now has the support of the JLA, and is highly regarded as one of the founders of that group.

Plot Notes: 7,547 words. Again, this is for our reference and would not normally be seen by readers. Some of you may remember that we wrote LS entirely without an outline, and mostly without notes. Heirs is going to be a little more structured, but we're still allowing room for the improvisation that made LS so much fun. I just don't want to wind up at around 400,000 words going "Wait, this was supposed to be a 150 page prequel!" the way we were during LS. Remember these are very rough notes. A paragraph:

Part One: The twins’ 16th birthday party, an adult-style soiree in a hotel ballroom, paid for by Uncle Perry. Cover them sending invitations, which serves to reintroduce the extended cast. Also note (noted in Jason’s prologue) that Jason and Elise broke up just before school ended; she’s been in Europe with her family over the summer (Kala tried to invite her to the party for the express purpose of causing friction between Jason and his current girl). Kala still has no steady but invites several guys she likes. Show both twins at school; Kala’s attitude and behavior contrasted with Jason’s. She’s insecure and covering it with her superior attitude; he’s secure and mellow. Show her and Mom being snippy.

Now, those prologues - the first two chapters of Heirs will be two first-person prologues, one from each Heir. Kala's is complete, Jason's is still in progress - we added 2,000 words to it tonight. Here's word counts and spoilers for them.

Prologue: Kala Josephine Lane-Kent: 4,997 words.

Still don’t have the super-strength, not really. Oh, I’m stronger than an ordinary teenage girl, but not strong enough to juggle cars. I’ve got other advantages: super-speed and hearing almost at Dad’s level, a little of the x-ray vision, some invulnerability, and heat vision. I can’t weld steel with my eyeballs like Dad and Jason, but I can burn through most things. And I don’t have to look for a lighter when I steal one of Mom’s cigarettes – a nice perk. She rarely smokes anymore, so she doesn’t count the ones in the pack, but if the lighter went missing she’d know.

Prologue: Jason Lane Kent: 4,291 words.

You know, Dad used to have this whole ‘last survivor of a dying race’ complex – thanks, Jor-El – where he always felt so alone. He and I have talked about it some, and I understand how much the family means to him because he was so lonely for so long. But I’m not a last son – I was never alone. Not even in the womb. From the moment of our conception (in the Fortress, while some jerks from Krypton were trying to take over, and this was not information I absolutely needed, thanks Mom and Dad), neither Kala nor I have ever really been alone. I can’t remember ever feeling lonely, not even once.

That's all the spoilers for today. But the first prologue for Heirs is done, the second is nearly finished, and we'll be starting Chapter One pretty soon. The plan is to be at least three chapters ahead of the posting date, if not five, so we're not panicking trying to get stuff posted on a Friday night. It also gives our betas a chance to work without us breathing down their necks going "TEH DUE DATE IS TOMORROW, ZOMG".

The story is plotted out through the end of the beginning, and the climax of the story is also plotted (I actually wrote that first, LOL). You'll see more on September 20th!

*Why the hell are we cooking so much? Mom has a real oven. We don't at home. So when we housesit at Mom's, especially towards autumn when my Awesome Badass Cook instincts awaken, we cook. A lot. Yesterday was pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin spice muffins for dessert - pumpkins are nomlicious. Day before that was chicken tenders with Moroccan spice rub, served with cous cous with Mediterranean spices, pine nuts, and sultanas. For dessert we had baked apples. Yeah, you guys really wanna hang around me when I'm getting my chef on.
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