Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

As ' Heirs Plotting Weekend' Continues...

We has us a little waffy fic on the way shortly, which will show you your first real look at Kristin Annette White and catch you up a little more to the way the world of Little Secrets is changing. There will still continue to be LS oneshots once Heirs begins, especially since there are so many tales to be told between the wedding and the teenage years. Stories that deserve their own entries, although we will be telling tales throughout Heirs itself.

Much planning has gone into Heirs, something that didn't happen just before Little Secrets. In the next few weeks, you guys will see some icon changes, a new layout, up-coming playlists, and several extras to catch everyone up (we're in the middle of writing character profiles today). januaried  has started on the first of the icons and they look lovely so far. And with her schedule as busy as it has been lately, I hope she knows I love her forever for all the help. *tacklehugs* And our Katness, elliania , has been able to carve out a little of her non-existant off-time to work on our beautiful new layout (yes, I've had a sneak peek and it's awesome!). Kitty-Kat, you rock for doing this for me when your life is topsy-turvy!

The official first day of posting will be September 20. For those of you waiting, the time is almost up. And we're just as excited as you are!
Tags: heirs to the house of el

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