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Dear WB,

You cheap, money-grubbing bastards.

I wash my hands of you once and for all if any of these rumors are true. I'm so sickened by all of this that I have no words. I think a part of me died inside to see what you're doing to this franchise and the fact that you are willing to stoop so low as to reboot a reboot rather than use your brain to find a plausible way to marry what the current canon is with what you want the frachise to achieve. And make it darker? WTMFH!?! He's not dark! What, because it worked for Batman, you're going to try it with a character that has always been the light of the DCU?

That said, know that you WILL NOT get a red cent of my money on the project. As far as I'm concerned, SR will be the end of the line for me.  The Reeveverse and SR will remain my canon and God bless Brandon and Bryan for their vision. I will not let you ruin this series for me.

Thank God, Little Secrets didn't depend on an SR sequel, although it breaks my heart that we'll never see how that series would have ended.

No love (and more than enough bitter disgust),


ETA: After reading your entry on it, saavikam77, I'm making an effort to believe that maybe it was miscommunication between the interviews. Nevertheless, if the rumors are true, I know where I stand.

ETA II: For those still posting comments on this thread, I will be replying. It's just that I'm trying to get my head together enough to not act like a psycho and fan the flames too much. I'm trying to get my faith back that they won't completely gut the film. *takes deep breath*
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