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Well, Looks Like I'm Riding This Out At Home (And Surprise Posting)

 Anissa's crew was called off the job this morning due to Fay, so I'm having to call out. Not sure I'm thrilled about it, especially since I needed the hours, but I really don't want to go through what they expect that we'll going through later tonight. I'm especially not thrilled that the worst of it is predicted once my shift starts. Seems it's going to be mostly this afternoon and this evening. I've only had about four hours sleep and I'm waiting for Brian to call me back so I know what's going to be up at the job tomorrow. I hope he calls back before I pass out. *whine*

And since we've not too sure what's going to happen with getting online as the day goes (or for the next few days), we decided to post Unfamiliar a couple of days early. Consider it our present to everyone that's been having a bad week so far. We love you guys and we'll try to stay current.  
Tags: oneshot progress updates, rl sucks

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