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The Video Bunneh, She Bites Hard...

So hard that I'm downloading a Sony Vegas trail to attempt it. I'm going to try for a Thanks For The Memories vid to go with the love square in the next installment. The biggest issue? Getting a copy of a certain film ripped and deciding whether to go with the Christmas theme of the next installment or just use the theme from that story. Decisions, decisions!

Heading off to my mom's now, but I'll be plotting all day, I'm sure. After the way yesterday went, I get this feeling that Thanks For The Memories (the story, that is, the next installment in the So Close 'verse) might get a workout tonight. Angsty, baby!  

Love you all and hope that most of you are finishing Breaking Dawn. It's been crickets all weekend! *hugs her F-List tight* I love you guys!
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