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Back To Work Tomorrow

Still not at 100%, but the pain is only annoying now and my back gets stiff pretty easily. I'm due back in tomorrow, but only for a six-hour shift. I should be fine. I also need to talk to Harmon Brian about getting my hours back to normal next week. Seems I only have 17.5 hours on the schedule next. If I have a choice, that's going to change. The last time he had me that low, I picked up hours on the sales floor. This is what I hate about being out of the building for a week. Everything changes on you without warning. *sighs, rolls eyes*

Buuuuut, I have some good news! We're currently working on the next three installments of In Another Lifetime, we're about halfway through Unfamiliar 2, and there are two more side projects that are in the works. I'm thrilled with the progress we've made in the last week, despite my stupid back. :D

rizny, when you see this, WELCOME BACK! *tackleglomps* And boy, do you have a lot to read. ;)  I get this awful feeling like your visual bunnehs are going to attack you!

And for those on my F-List with your head buried in Breaking Dawn, come home soon! We miss all ten million of you!
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