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Because I'm Laid Up And Want Some Opinions.... *Spoilers*

Okay, since our projects are being posted a bit more scattered than I usually like, I figured a few little spoilers couldn't hurt. So... 


Title: Snapshots: Light Up The Sky (Fireworks)
Word Count: 3,661
Status: To be posted on or before Friday. Hopefully tomorrow. 

               "If I, with all my powers, were to fly to another country and simply impose American democracy on them, my interference would be resented, and the progress of freedom would be impeded.”

Lois’ serious façade broke then, an amused smile curving her lips. “Okay, all right, touché,” she chuckled. “After a speech like that, I feel like I should be begging your pardon and buying you a drink or something.” The reporter was too disciplined to actually wince, but he saw the slight narrowing of her eyes as she realized how that remark could be taken. It seems we’ve made double-entendres a habit.

Kal-El smiled at her. “Forgive me if I tend to wax poetic about this country, Ms. Lane. I may not have been born here, but I do feel a deep loyalty to my adopted home’s ideals.”

“So you consider yourself a patriot?”

Kal-El knew a loaded question when he heard one. “I think history determines who was truly a patriot,” he replied, evading it neatly. “Patriotism is something people like to declare and argue about in the present, but only hindsight shows it with utter clarity. I will say, however, that I love my country. But then, I am in a unique position to appreciate all of this planet’s wonders.”

Lois caught the evasion and smirked. Tilting her head to gaze at him with what looked like pride, she shook her head. “You’re getting pretty good at this, hero.” The teasing in her tone was clear.

“I had an excellent teacher,” he said, succeeding in making her blush slightly, her eyes immediately going down to her notepad. Every time he could make her go red, he wondered just how many others had managed that. It was probably very few.

Title: Little Secrets: Unfamiliar II
Word Count: 2,311
Status: To be posted in the 12days_of_clois August Turn Up The Heat Challenge

Kal-El stopped, froze exactly where he was, even though he trembled with the effort not to finish it. After a second, Lois’ eyes opened again, looking to him with a hauntingly bereft expression. “I said don’t close your eyes,” he growled, voice husky with need.

Title: In Another Lifetime: Before It's Too Late (Protect)
Word Count: 5,884 (and still being added to. Might be split into two parts)
Status: To be posted as soon as the Clois 100 returns in September

“All right, so what are we gonna do about it?” Lois said, looking expectantly at the two of them. Something had to be done, after all…

We aren’t going to do anything,” Clark said. “I’m taking you and the puppy to your mother’s until this is over.”

WHAT?!” Lois stared at him, looking for a moment as if she were the one with the scorching heat vision. “You and what army, Kent? Just who the hell do you think you’re dealing with here?”

“My wife,” he replied. “Who happens to be extremely vulnerable. I don’t want you in harm’s way.”

“Bullshit,” Lois snapped. “I’m a reporter. In harm’s way and taking notes on it is my job description. You knew that when you married me – and you work with me, so you don’t have an excuse. Besides, there’s three of them. Even you might need a little help.”


“Don’t start, Clark,” she warned. “You’re not gonna leave me at home like some little mouse while you go out and fight the bad guys. If there are three of them and they all have your powers, you’re gonna need all the help you can get.”

Title: In Another Lifetime: Carry (Working title)
Word Count: 860
Status: To be posted after Before It's Too Late when the Clois 100 returns

That was probably the wrong thing to say, he quickly realized. The other man straightened up all the way, pulling his shoulders back, and Richard was suddenly conscious of the fact that the guy had several inches and at least forty pounds on him. In spite of the fact that he was wearing glasses, all of sudden the other man didn’t look so meek. “She happens to be my wife,” he said.

Aw, shit. I’m about to get my ass kicked. Uncle Perry will be so proud. Richard managed a weak chuckle. “Then you are the luckiest man I ever met,” he replied, offering his hand. “Richard White. D’ya know where I can get some ketchup for my shoe? I’ve got a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease.”

Title: Out of Reach: Thanks for the Memories
Word Count: 1,060
Status: To be posted in October

He lifted me then, such great strength wielded so casually, setting me on top of the desk and moving closer, his hands on my thighs encouraging me to wrap my legs around his hips. The dress rode up and his hands were on bare skin, and I gasped, my hands tightening in his hair. Only then did I remember where we were – my own office. “We can’t,” I whispered huskily, trying to pull back when every fiber in my body wanted me to surge forward.

“Why not?” he murmured, nuzzling my neck, and I shivered under the caress. Oh, he knew me too well, and on such relatively short acquaintance…

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