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Because It Always Comes In Threes...

Ms. Lois spent two hours of last night in the ER at Memorial Hospital. *rolls eyes disgustedly* I twisted a muscle in my lower back at work. And it was doing something stupid. I was just swapping out product baskets when I got a back spasm. And it kept happening every time I moved. So... *sigh* I'm on painkillers and muscle relaxants with a MD's note. I can go back to work tomorrow if I feel better, but I'm to be light duty until Friday. It just figures.

However, I'm still getting my write on, which makes me happy. It's just standing up for too long or trying to sit down that hurts. I lean too far forward or backward and it's for the suck. *makes face* And you guys know how much I hate being dependant. *pouts* I can haz okay back nao? *headdesk*  

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