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Getting It In Under The Wire

OMG, this has been an interesting little time period. We just finished a couple of side projects for our own amusement and are now moving along on Fireworks at a good pace (currently 1,717 words and just over four pages), which is good because it's going to be one of our smaller ones. I feel a little bad because, without a definitive date we have to post by, we kinda slacked this time around. We worked on several other assignment before this one. I hope the betas (or at least two of them) have enough time to get to it. There's been work on the other projects as well, but I'm not talking. Nope. Not saying a word. Too much evil for one post. Sorry. ;) I will, however tell you that Firework is in Kal-El's perspective. :D

Love you all and have a great day! sean_montgomery, have fun meeting Mom. :P  And know that my little heart is breaking that you got to see her first, Twin! 
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