Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Okay, Since The LJ Is Being Wonky, I'll Post This Here...

Annnnd Ms. Lois has both a new playlist and the seed of a new video in mind, in homage to the most excellent scoobycookies and in the tone of her lastest comedies. Based on the Superman films and set to:  So, it's a little too pop for LS really, but it fits the situation so perfectly that I laugh my head off everytime I hear it.

As to the playlist, this is what can be found on my MP3 right now:

Tori Amos-China
Thirty Seconds To Mars-The Lie
The Postal Service-Such Great Heights
Matchbox Twenty-Leave
Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars (SOO SII: DC)
Collective Soul-How Do You Love?
Matchbox Twenty-You Won't Be Mine
Saving Jane-The Girl Next Door
Great Expectations-The Day All My Dreams Came True
Tori Amos-Little Earthquakes
Evanescnce-Imaginary (Remix)
Sara Routh-You're Never Gone
Lifehouse-Come Back Down
Superman Returns-Saving The World
Superman The Movie-Love Theme From Superman
Superman Returns-In The Hands Of Mortals
Superman Returns-I Wanted You To Know
Superman Returns-So Long Superman
Superman Returns-Reprise/Flyaway
Tags: little secrets spoiler

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