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And We're Both Off Together For Two Days

...which means that we'll be finishing up a lot of our half-finished projects this weekend. We're started with our 4th of July fic for 12days_of_clois, which is going to be set in the Snapshots series of Little Secrets (STM-SII era; pre-LS). Just how much does it take to knock Dr. Marrin out of the running for our favorite Fearless Reporter's heart once and for all? Well, we're about to see. :D This guy is currently titled, originally, Fireworks.   

“Mother, I do not need some man to protect me,” Lois snapped. Clark had found a place to change and was currently hovering high above her apartment, waiting for the conversation to be done so he wouldn’t interrupt. He winced at her sharp words, and the way she suddenly stalked out on the balcony, resentment in every stride. “I have told Dr. Elliot Marrin in no uncertain terms that we’re through. I’ve blocked his number, cursed him out when he called at work, returned his gifts or given them away, and threatened to have him arrested for stalking me. I can’t make it any more plain. He’ll get the message eventually.”

Work also continues on our August entry, which will be the sequel to the very popular Unfamiliar. I personally think that this one will be worth the wait. ;)

“Lois,” he warned, and she looked up again, desperation gleaming in those hazel eyes. Seeing that naked desire on her face made it even harder for him to hold back; he ached, feeling his pulse throbbing just there. But he couldn’t let this be over too quickly… If Lois hadn’t been tied down, she would have attacked him long ago, and they would probably be on the second round by now.

And work on Heirs to the House of El continues. I get this feeling that it might even be more interactive than Little Secrets was. 

There are likely more things that will be worked on, but this is the main plan. :D
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