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About Last Night's Post

Without going too much into it, it meant so much to me how you all rallied around us like this. I think I'm dealing with it pretty well and it's just made me determined to carry on with all things as planned. I haven't replied to the individual comments because I'm just not sure what to say. So I decided to do this.

Glitter Graphics

It's absolutely the truth that I'm the most blessed person on the planet to have both my friends and fans be one in the same. All of you mean the world to me. This just proves it more than ever.

And tell me something? When did I start getting considered a BNF and why didn't I get a note as to this status? *dies* I mean, really. Am I really that well-known? Or am I just stupid and blind?

I also woke up thinking that the awards were posted today. Someone give me the Tums and let me work so hard that I don't think about the next several hours.

Again, F-List, thank you for being so protective and respecting the no-wank order. It's just not worth the fight. *huge hugs to all*
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