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Because I'm Just A Huge Angelina Jolie Dork...

Welcome to the world, Knox Leon (I get the feeling Brad named the boy. *LOL*) and Vivienne Marcheline! And so many congrads to my favorite Momma-to-the world! These two have to be utterly beautiful because God knows the rest of the family is. 

*is very much considering stealing little Zahara for her own. OMG, that child is SO beautiful and boy, does she know it!  Momma is gonna have her hands full with that child!*

*blushes, feels like a dork* Okay, back to your morning. I just had to say it! 

And now my favorite multi-cultural family has a fifth and sixth addition! Maddox (you can only see the top of his head *snuggles*) little Shiloh (who looks just like Daddy, but with Mommy's lips), Zahara (look at that face! OMG, she's SOOO stolen!), and Pax (I don't know what's cuter: the look on his face or the stuffed penguin!) 
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