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Can't Believe The Trip's On Its Final Day...

Why do vacations always go so fast? :( The hotel has been completely awesome, both for the rest factor and the inspiration factor. We've worked on a ton of things and talked non-stop about various fics coming in the next six months. SO MANY IDEAS! I love breaks like this because the change of scenery and the long drive bring the Muse out of hiding in spades. Unfamiliar Part Two is currently up to 1,700 words if that gives you you any idea. Notes for Heirs have doubled,  Much plotting on our own personal side projects. There's been discussion of the projects that take place in the LS-verse after Heirs, which will likely never be written. There's even been writing added to Carry. Now we have to actually write up our 4th of July fic, especially since it's been plotted out entirely.

I wish we could stay a few more days. OMG, it's been so nice since we've been here. I think this is best I've felt since Asheville and that's saying something. *LOL* And if our work the last few days is any indication, I think the Clois enjoy life here at the Hyatt Regency just as much. I've already asked Anissa if maybe we can make my birthday trip two nights down here at Christmastime, when it's all done up for the season. It's too far to go to Asheville on a two- or three-day weekend.  Maybe we'll do Islands of Adventure this year.

I really hate to head back to reality, but checkout time is noon. Which explains why Little Miss Nocturnal is up at this hour. I wish there was some way we could have had all of you here with us, especially since it's in the Orlando International Airport. Every single time I've looked down at all of the people hurrying off to their destinations, I have to smile and think of you guys. Please God, let me have the chance to meet all of you in the next few years. You have no idea how much I want the chance to see you guys in person and hug you!

Okay, I still have some additions to make to the writing before Her Majesty wakes up and we have to get going. I love you guys and we'll report back from home in a few hours.  
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