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I'll keep this brief.  I've been having wrist pain for about a week now.  Started in my right hand, but within a day it was in both hands, though the right is still far worse.  I took the first available appointment at my doctor, but that's not until the 22nd.  Until then, I've been taking anti-inflammatories and wearing wrist braces.

I was pretty sure it was either tenosynovitis, which my mom had, or carpal tunnel syndrome.  I got tired of driving myself nuts and checked my symptoms (I love about.com for info).  Well, I definitely don't have the specific kind of tenosynovitis Mom had, because I didn't have pain during the simple test for DeQuervain's.  But the test for carpal tunnel felt like someone lit off a firecracker in my wrist.  And aggravated my symptoms to the point where I have tingling, pain, and numbness in my fingers now.

We are still pending a doctor's diagnosis, but I'm 90% certain I have carpal tunnel syndrome.  I don't mind saying I'm scared out of my mind by this.  I had a pen pal when I was a kid - a very sweet lady.  I tried, some years ago, to contact her, and learned that she had carpal tunnel and couldn't write.  At all.  This was a few years back, and I understand the disease is more common and more treatable now, but that is my personal nightmare.  Not being able to write, at all, ever again ... I'm sorry, but life wouldn't be worth living.

I'm being proactive with the wrist braces and Advil, and resting as much as I can.  But your prayers are much appreciated, beloved f-list.  

Signing off,

P.S. We're still working, even if my typing has gone from 45 wpm to about 10 thanks to the wrist braces.  And I quit when it starts to hurt.

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