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Just An Itty, Bitty, Teeny, Tiny IAL 'Protect' Spoiler

Remember that this is very rough thus far, okay?  I can only give you a little bit and I have to keep the most telling moments involving the Clois out of this, sooo. How's this for a telling spoiler?

Very interesting; Steve sidled out of the crowd of reporters to get a better look. Not bad, not bad at all – nice body, although she had a cold and distant expression. 

She turned at that moment, and those eyes fixed on his. Steve grinned; he couldn’t help it. He smiled at everything female that glanced his way. While her companion demanded information of Perry – and was defied – the woman turned and walked toward Steve. For the first time, he saw a flicker of something besides ice in those eyes.

Well hell. I knew I was good, but damn, even the alien babes can’t resist me, he thought, puffing his chest out slightly. ‘City Saved by Sportswriter – Irresistible Charm Spares Metropolis.’ And Lane thinks she’s the star reporter around here. Have I got news for – hey! 

His self-aggrandizing line of thought was interrupted by the woman grabbing his shirt collar and picking him up. “Impertinent human,” she growled. Steve grabbed the woman’s hands, trying in vain to pry them off. 

“Wait!” Steve gasped, struggling to breathe. “Let me go! I know how you can get Superman here!”

“Is this so?” the leader asked, while Ursa held Steve aloft as if he weighed no more than a feather.

“Yeah,” Steve wheezed. “Lemme down…” The woman simply opened her hand and stepped back, allowing Steve to drop to his knees. He clutched his throat and sucked in huge grateful gasps of air, trying to get enough breath to speak.

“No!” Steve yelped, scuttling backwards on his hands and knees. He had spots in his vision from being nearly throttled, but he could still see the looks of revulsion on his fellow reporters’ faces. To hell with them; these lunatics would kill him if he didn’t give them what they wanted.

Pointing right at Lois, he said, “Take her. Superman will come and save her. He always does.”
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