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*Heaves A Sigh Of Relief*

Well, all, the worst is already over. I only have one more working day without Brian being there. If I can survive my FIL being right up my behind.

*waps him hard* I can't wait until this remodeling is over simply because he's ruining it for me. I'm sorry, I just spent the last five straight days in hell doing the job of three people. I do not want to spend my weekend cleaning and boxing the study. I don't. But what am I doing the weekend to spare myself a bitch fit? I think I'm cleaning and boxing the damn study, eventhough I have to be in on Sunday at 11 AM. *growls* So don't come in here and whine at me about how much time it's going to take to get the study done when you're not helping and I can't take the time off unless I want to forfit Anissa's birthday weekend.! Go away and leave me alone before I find a way to ship you up to your son.

*takes a couple of deep breathes* Sorry about that. I just had to get that out.

Anyway, here's the latest of author insanity:

* Tagging is done through August 2007.
* Tagging Little Secrets should be almost done.
* I'm making a Fic Index to make things easier for those people who want find our stuff more easily. Smile, htbthomas !
* Whatever It Takes should be going up tomorrow afternoon.
* The More Things Change... (the LS postscript) should be going to beta sometime this weekend.
* Unfamiliar is up to eight pages and still going. Look for it toward the end of the month. Early reactions are pretty favorable. ;)
* Work has begun again on Thanks for the Memories, clarks_girl ! I think you'd like it so far, Jody!
* Heirs to the House of El notes have begun in earnest. And we're actually about a chapter and half in the story, written, as it stands currently.
*We have most of the rest of the In Another Lifetime series planned out. The next three will make a lot of people happy, I'm sure. ;)

And just to get everyone ready for our post tomorrow, I bring you an oldie but goodie that was been perfect inspiration for me since Scoob made it:

Taller, Stronger, Better

See you all in the morning afternoon!

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