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Well, That Wasn't Too Bad For The Weekend

I managed to get tagged through April of 2007, shortened my former tags by half, finished Whatever It Takes  which is currently with the beta and graphics teams (and topped out at 9,032 words and seventeen pages). Not to mention went to work on a nine-hour shift yesterday. 

*feels accomplished*

Now I just have to get through this week alone with my trainee and Mrs. Useless and get caught up with our Clois 100 entries before it stops again for two months. (And yes, we signed up for the new challenges, too). *sigh* 

I've also had enough time to start my nom list. I think Anissa and I are doing it jointly again this year. And I'm thrilled with the amount of stuff available to choose. This Awards is going to make for an interesting race! Good luck to all of you and thanks for bring such awesome work to the fandom!
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