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Even Old Ladies Know She's The Devil

 Reposted from ellalou73's LJ. She was talking about how crazy it was that her father not only knew about Smallville, but watched it enough to have an informed opinion on it. Blew her mind.  Now I had an experience a month or so ago at work in Harmon. Said experience follows:

Yeah, I get that at work all the time, too. I did have a moment a few months back when I heard two people in the back of Harmon bickering over the 'Brainiac Ate Her Brain (Not That She Has One To Eat)' scene with Lana. It actually got pretty heated over whether or not it should have happened.

One was definitely a Lana fan, who was going on and on about how Smallville would be utterly useless to watch without her and how it should have been one of the cousins (Chloe and Lois, I would assume). The friend, obviously a Lois and/or Chloe fan, mentioned rather haughtily that that would mean that Clark obviously had a tighter bond with the other two than "Little Miss Perfect". As they continued to bicker, I was slinking around, overhearing this and wanting to see who was having it. And the whole time they just kept arguing over it like it was a political debate.

When I finally got over to the skincare aisle, I realized that it was two women in their sixties. *dies* I should have known when the Chloe and /or Lois fan called Lana a "hussy who finally got what she deserved". *LOL* And the funniest part? When the both of them saw my nametag when I asked if they needed any help. ;)

The half hour spent afterwards helping them find stuff was pure comic gold.

Sorry, was too good not to share with a wider audience.
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