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Smallville: And The Line Blurs A Bit More...

Okay, this icon is only a temp because it's too easy to confuse Elise and SV's Lois in my 'verses (still doesn't regret casting her as Jason's first real girlfriend.), but it needed to be done for this post...

I'm going to save everyone the time of hearing me squee like an insane fangirl over a show that has long made me crazy. Needless to say, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I DVRed Smallville last night just to see what all the hoopla was about. And it was worth it. It was SO worth it. *hugs Tom Welling tight* I'm so glad SV's Clark is LS' teenage Jason. We need to be so proud of him. This episode is actually my all-time favorite, actually eclipsing Margot and Chris' appearances.

...Ah, you're just now realizing that I really meant the compliment on episode? Yeah, I mean it. I'm just over the moon over this. I'm that impressed. Now I'm sure that they'll destroy that faith next week, but hey. It'll make buying the season worthwhile, even if it's the only one in the set I'll watch. *winks*

A collection of favorite clips:

(no clips of the laid-back 'Happy for Lana' scene. That was such an 'OMFGSQUEEEEEEEE' moment. I really freaked out and screamed!)

Again, literally squeeing my head off here. The minute I saw her shove the suit in his hands. *grins like a loon* And the 'something's missing'? *squeal*

The cousins meet. And wasn't that AWESOME?!?! They should have done this in Supergirl. SOOOO would have increased the audience and boosted that film!

Quick, quick! Hit him so he doesn't get the idea that you're crazy-attracted to him. *snicker*

*lovelovelovelove* Tom, direct next season, please? Please?
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