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It's Beltaine And I Wanna Go Back To Sleep

 But there's another pagan at my job as of two weeks ago and I know she'd tell everyone why I called out (I only mention this here because most of you have no idea what I'm talking about. Stop laughing, Ella! *pokes you*). Grrrr....

In other news, we have two of our current round of oneshots finished. Look for Sometimes... this weekend (the wonderous Ms. Kat will be making the banner then, although she just got back from a trip and poor Maaike will be there to watch her work. Kat, you know I adore you, right? And you are going waaaaay above and beyond the call of duty to do this! *lovelovelove*), the Dark Rising/Little Secrets crossover is done, and there's been some serious headway with the Richana. Expect the first installment soon. 

And we're already planning out the LS post-script fic and several others! (Don't worry, Out of Reach fans, I'm already getting that set up as we speak. I actually have about 1,000 words on it.) Things have been moving a little more slowly here for the moment, but we'll be back up to snuff soon. 

Love you all!


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